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Santander Bank Polska a Strategic Partner to the Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet Campaign

June the 5th is the World Environment Day. The main theme this year was #BeatAirPollution which inspired the whole Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet Campaign.

This year, the goal of the UN Program for the Environment was to rise people’s awareness concerning the issue of air pollution. Combating this difficult challenge will help to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

As part of the #ResponsibleBanking strategy, Santander Bank Polska also takes responsibility for the environment in which it operates. Therefore, we engage in environmental education and implement eco-friendly initiatives both inside and outside our organization.


We have committed to stop using disposable plastic, first in the head office and subsequently in all branches.

We segregate waste in all head office units.

We take part in environmental challenges – for instance in the global #trashchallenge campaign – cleaning littered areas in the vicinity of our operating units. The bank’s employees picked thrash in Kampinoska Forest and the employees of the leasing company cleaned up a woodland near their offices.

WWF’s Earth Hour – advertising neon signs on  top of our office buildings were switched off.

We have begun the transition to green energy – ultimately 100% of the electric power used by the bank in its daily will come from renewable sources

We are gradually replacing our company cars with more eco-friendly vehicles based on the hybrid technology in order to significantly reduce the generated CO2 emissions.

We provide financing to customers for the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings and offer leases supporting investments in energy-saving solutions.

We have made a commitment not to offer financing to new coal mine projects.

We are the only bank in Poland which has joined the Pact for the Sustainable Management of Plastics. The goal of the initiative is to develop solutions supporting more sustainable use of plastics in the Polish economy.


can choose the Electronic Contact Channel (ECC). We encourage them to resign from paper mail and opt for electronic communication only. In this way, customers have a quick access to important information about their products. Additionally, we support an important action for the environment: reduction of paper consumption.

The global climate policy goals are more and more ambitious. Their achievement requires not only international cooperation but also daily contributions from each of us. I am convinced that financial institutions which have access to various population groups have a special role to play in this respect. Therefore, in the responsible banking strategy pursued by our bank the main focus is on the environment and on the possibilities of reducing the impact of the human civilization on nature. That’s why we have joined this international initiative,” said Michał Gajewski, CEO of Santander Bank Polska.

The Green Ribbon #ForThePlanet campaign is organized by UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre responsible for the implementation of the UN’s Environmental Agenda  in Poland and the strategic partner of the campaign this year is Santander Bank Polska.

Together we can drive a positive change and build a sustainable future based on the clean environment and atmosphere. We can make our behaviours and choices more responsible. We can take a number of simple steps which together will help us change the world for the better.

On June 5, your local activities had a global significance. As every year, more than one hundred countries and millions of people took part in the World Environment Day. They committed to actions aimed at reducing air pollution and learned more about the current environmental challenges. The symbol of taking up the challenges is the green ribbons which we distributed in the Bank’s head offices and selected branches among employees and customers. Wearing a ribbon shows is a token of engagement in the campaign. Ribbons could also be worn virtually in the social media by adding a special frame to the profile picture.

On the website, people could make ECO-commitments i.e. agree to do small simple things which can significantly reduce our  environmental footprint.

Make an ECO-commitment, wear a green ribbon and remember that your daily choices influence the air quality. #ecoSantander

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